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September 2016

“Lost Worlds of South America”: special lecture at Mef.


On Thursday 13th, Dr. Darin Croft, PhD, a fossil mammals specialist, will give an open lecture at Mef facilities.


Dr. Croft is a Paleomammalogist (Paleontologist specialized in mammals), dedicated to study the evolution of mammals over geologic time; his research is focused mainly on the evolution of South American mammals. For most of the Cenozoic Era (the past 66 million years), South America was geographically isolated from any other continent; thus, a very odd, unique fauna developed.

August 2016

Remains of a flying reptile from the Jurassic were found in Chubut


These are the first remains of pterosaurs found in the Province of Chubut. The excellent state of preservation of cranial fossils reveals information about brain evolution and adaptation to flight of this particular group of flying reptiles.


Scientists in charge of this investigation unveiled a new species of pterosaur from the Early­Middle Jurassic of Chubut. The team have named it ​Allkaruen ​ koi , from the native Tehuelche ​ words ​ ‘all’ for ‘brain’,​ ​ ‘karuen’ for ‘ancient’, ​ and​ ‘koi’ for lake; referring to the type of sediment where the fossils were found.

August 2016

Mef’s Researcher takes part of an International Research and Mentoring Project


Alejandra Pagani, PhD, (CONICET-MEF), is part of a Research Team that has been working since 2010 and has recently got financing by the National Sciences Foundation to develop a Research and Mentoring Project named LATE PALEOZOIC GONDWANAN ECOSYSTEMS. The greatest importance of this matter is that it will be entirely developed in Argentina.


June 2016

Mef Invites: an annual event that keeps being a great success.


During the past weekend, over 7300 people visited the Egidio Feruglio Museum, responding to the Tenth Edition of “Mef Invites”. This is an annual event aimed to share with the community the Museum as a whole, by having Mef Researchers interacting with people at the Exhibition, and opening the working spaces for the public to visit. Thus, admittance is free during the whole weekend of “Mef Invites”.