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February 2017

A lifelike, lifesize reconstruction of the giant dinosaur will be built in Trelew


This recreation will be inaugurated on February 24th; it´s the largest dinosaur known worldwide until today.


Scientists have been studying this new species of a giant kind of dinosaurs since 2013, when the fossil remains of at least 7 individuals were found in Chubut Province (Patagonia, Argentina). Research focuses on understanding several facets, such as: what were they like, how and when they died, what their age was, or what their surroundings were like… And a big question that challenges imagination: What would it feel like to be aside them? Soon, we´ll be able to know the answer to this question.


A reconstruction of this species in a whole, in its life size and to the probable appearance it would have, showing the skin´ texture and color, was made recently. This was accomplished thanks to the joint work between a MEF team and a German company that specializes on this kind of tasks.


The reconstruction wasn´t easy: in the first place, scientists had to ascertain how many individuals there were at the fossiliferous site, since the bones were disassembled and in disorder, and there were over 200 of them; after that, they were able to create a digital reconstruction of the skeleton, that later became the base to the lifesize reconstruction. Measuring 40 mts long and 12 high, the recreation was developed using several epoxy resins on a metal skeleton, and was specifically designed to stand the test of patagonian climate, mainly its winds; thus, a special bolt was built in order to support its weight of over 15000 kilos.


The megadinosaur was brought from Hamburg to Puerto Madryn by ship, having all the different parts of the body disassembled, which were transported to Trelew by lorry. The Technicians in Mef Exhibition Department and a team of public works from the city are assembling the dinosaur´s parts over a 5 days´ work.


This giant will be placed permanently at the North entrance of Trelew city, aside National road nº 3; it will be able to be visited since the official inauguration on February 24th onwards, and visitors will have the chance to see it from the road or to get closer through a purpose-built platform.


It is to remark that this work is possible thanks to the joint collaboration and contribution from the City and the Province´ Governments, several private companies and the Egidio Feruglio Foundation.


The official inauguration will be on February 24th, at 7 pm, with the presence of City Mayor Adrián Maderna, Province Governor Mario Das Neves, and several representatives from both Governments and the private sector.



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