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September 2016

“Lost Worlds of South America”: special lecture at Mef.


On Thursday 13th, Dr. Darin Croft, PhD, a fossil mammals specialist, will give an open lecture at Mef facilities.


Dr. Croft is a Paleomammalogist (Paleontologist specialized in mammals), dedicated to study the evolution of mammals over geologic time; his research is focused mainly on the evolution of South American mammals. For most of the Cenozoic Era (the past 66 million years), South America was geographically isolated from any other continent; thus, a very odd, unique fauna developed.

Such isolation, plus the rich fossil record found, make this continent an excellent place to investigate topics such as mammal adaptation, diversification, and community ecology.



Dr. Croft is an Associate Professor of Anatomy at Case Western Reserve University, teaching human anatomy to medical and graduate students and serving as a research advisor for undergraduate and graduate students in the departments of Biology and EEPS (Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences). He is also engaged in public outreach and other activities at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, where he is a Research Associate in Vertebrate Paleontology.


Dr. Darin Croft has spent 20 years looking for mammal fossils throughout South America and has recently published a book inspired by his research, titled “Horned Armadillos and Rafting Monkeys: The Fascinating Fossil Mammals of South America”.


During his speech, Dr. Croft will present his book and speak about what he and other paleontologists have discovered about these extinct mammals in the past few years.


The open lecture will take place at the “Germán Sopeña” Auditorium in Mef, on Thursday 13th at 5 pm; it ́s recommended to arrive 15 minutes in advance.



Elizabeth Arnaudo

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