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June 2016

Mef Invites: an annual event that keeps being a great success.


During the past weekend, over 7300 people visited the Egidio Feruglio Museum, responding to the Tenth Edition of “Mef Invites”. This is an annual event aimed to share with the community the Museum as a whole, by having Mef Researchers interacting with people at the Exhibition, and opening the working spaces for the public to visit. Thus, admittance is free during the whole weekend of “Mef Invites”.


The opening ceremony was hosted by Mef Director, Rubén Cúneo, PhD, and the President of the Egidio Feruglio Foundation, Enrique Korn, PhD. Local authorities and representatives from Mef´ Sponsors were also present.


The event involved a varied array of activities: the projection of a short film with the story, present and future of the Museum; a desk with information about special Programs like Explorers in Pajamas and Mef Volunteers; a specific area with activities for children; the visit to a renewed Permanent Exhibition, accompanied by Mef Researchers, Fellows and Tour Guides; and the possibility of entering the Laboratories, where Mef Technicians shared the work they perform; besides showing some original bones form the giant Titanosaur, there was a display of assorted fossils in some purpose-designed glass cases, that served as a sample of the variety of materials hold at Mef Collections; to share information about the preservation of fossils -which are considered Cultural Heritage under Argentina Laws-, the Collections Manager was also present.


The success and development of Mef Invites is possible thanks to the selfless collaboration from over 50 people, who are part of the steady Staff of Egidio Feruglio Museum: Researchers; Fellows; Students; Technicians; personnel from the Departments of Administration, Communications, and of Maintenance; Tour Guides and Receptionists; and Volunteers, that make the commitment to the aim of this annual event. Also, 12 kids joined, to entertain the children.


The Mef Invites is supported by the Egidio Feruglio Foundation and the Municipality of Trelew, and sponsored by local companies (Aluar, Torca, Autosur and VS Deco).








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