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MEF is looking to partner with Foundations, both in Argentina and abroad, to help you achieve a wide range of aims. In particular, our work can support your aims to:


Advance research into biology, ecology, etc.

Understand the causes and impact of climate change

Advance public understanding of the science

Enhance education of young people in the sciences


The implications of MEF's research go far beyond paleontology - it helps us to understand how our world has changed, predict how our world will change in future and, most importantly, understand what the consequences of these changes will be.



MEF's work does not just provide benefits for today - we are also investing in the future. Each year, we nurture the scientists of tomorrow by providing world-class training opportunities for the world's brightest scientists, whilst inspiring the young minds of the scientists of the future.


As the museum looks to expand and increase the impact it has on the world stage, we urgently need your support. Here are just some of the projects your Foundation could bring to life:


Installing one of the seven new galleries, witch will help advance the public's understanding of science by engaging over 140,000 people each year (investment from $5,000 to $150,000).

Providing a year of training for some of the world's leading scientists, engineers or researchers, supporting their development as they change our understanding of the world (investment from $100 to $10,000).

Investing in cutting-edge equipment for new laboratories, increasing our understanding of each fossil and enabling us to share this information with scientists around the world (investment from $100 to $50,000).

Delivering our famous Explorers in Pyjamas series, witch inspires 1,000 young minds every year (investment from $500 to $10,000).

Be part of a great team!



As part of our plans to expand the museum and provide a new home for the Patagotitan, we have opportunities for you to play a leading role and make a transformational gift to the museum.


To discuss other ways you can support MEF, please contact:


Florencia Gigena
+9 54 280 4432100
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.