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Thanks to traveling exhibitions, MEF has international fame. Its main exhibition, "Dinosaurs of Patagonia" has been touring Europe for several years and seen by millions in different countries like Spain, Portugal, Germany, Colombia, Brazil and the Czech Republic.

The museum has participated in special exhibits developed together with other institutions such as the recent "Dinosaurs, Argentine giants", presented in Germany, featuring six argentine museums under the coordination of CONICET.


Also, individual specimens like dinosaurs, have travelled to various destinations such as Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, etc.


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In September 2015, MEF launched a new travelling exhibition. This time, designed to be freestanding and easily assemblable.

A new look at the Jurassic period, with a new target: local schools, educational and recreational organizations throughout the country.

This exhibition moves in specially designed boxes and is ready to assemble, anywhere and by anyone.


For more information: info@mef.org.ar