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The MEF is more than a museum.

It is a center of science-related activities and knowledge.

From guys running in slippers for the night show, to workshops with scientists around the world, the museum has life all year.


Discover it!

Every year, in the last weekend of June, MEF opens its doors to the public with free admission. But MEF Invites is much more than the opportunity to view the exhibitions for free. It is the only event where:

- The permanent exhibition is explained by the researchers of the Museum, who also tell the visitors about their projects and latest findings.

- The preparation lab displays some of the pieces that are in current process, whether a tiny rodent jaw or a massive vertebrae of an enormous dinosaur, every piece is there waiting for the visitors!

- The collection opens the drawers to show some of MEF´s trophies, while its curator explains how to classify and preserve the found pieces.






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