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A unique place, for your next event.

In addition to its exhibits, MEF offers the possibility of renting their facilities for events, conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.

With modern equipment, HD digital technology and a wide range of services -including catering by the Feruglio Cafe- MEF is the best choice for cultural, educational, business and social events.

Its Auditorium holds 150 people seated in comfortable armchairs, central computer, electronic flip-down screen, regulated acoustic, digital light system, microphones, HD projector and surround lounge digital sound.


In addition, the museum has:

A 400 ft area for coffee breaks, lunch and cocktails.

Full equipped kitchen.

Restrooms and special restrooms for disabled.

Optionally service: parking valet.

Design and printing of posters and credentials for the event.

Dinoshop, for souvenir shopping.


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+ Activities



Every day is special in the Mef

But some days are more special than other ones!

In addition to the MEF INVITES, there are another two dates that stand out for their fun in the Mef's calendar:

The International Museum Day, on May 18th, and Children's Day in August.



Every year, in the last weekend of June, MEF opens its doors to the public with free admission. But MEF Invites is much more than the opportunity to view the exhibitions for free. It is the only event where:


- The permanent exhibition is explained by the researchers of the Museum, who also tell the visitors about their projects and latest findings.


- The preparation lab displays some of the pieces that are in current process, whether a tiny rodent jaw or a massive vertebrae of an enormous dinosaur, every piece is there waiting for the visitors!


- The collection opens the drawers to show some of MEF´s trophies, while its curator explains how to classify and preserve the found pieces.


And there's more: special talks, discounts on dinoshop and games for children, among other activities.






At MEF, there is always something new!


In addition to the permanent exhibition and public use areas (Dinoshop, Feruglio Café) the museum develops programs and activities for all ages.


Explorers in Pyjamas, Children's Day, Museums Day, Mef Invites, Scientific and Concert Café, are some of the activities taking place throughout the year.







The Collection is the heart of the museum. Once treated in technical laboratories, fossils are cataloged and stored.


MEF Collection set a precedent in technology and innovation in museums throughout Latin America: all the fossil material is classified and arranged in large devices that move on rails and were manufactured with a prepared structure to withstand extreme weight and still be easy to handle by anyone.

The collection manager carries on a digital record of all pieces, and is responsible for its maintenance and preservation.